Fragrant tomatoes

I’ll tell you that if they hadn’t smelled awesome, I wouldn’t have wanted to paint them.

Do you smell those tomatoes from that far? Surely no, because they are already eaten :p

Fragrant tomatoes oil painting steps

I used a H sketching pencil at first. I think I can’t skip doing that. I refuse thumbnailing on papers and instead I use sketching pencils on canvas first; but thumbnails are good. They save time and you see what’s coming.

Fragrant tomatoes oil painting steps 2

I started to the green parts at the first frame and in the second I covered the whole canvas surface for now. I used few sunflower seed shells for details, so it was a good coice to buy seeds instead of chips at the market ^^

Fragrant tomatoes oil painting steps 3.jpg

Adding tones of green, which works like that; you have green on your palette and you keep adding white or black for its tones step by step. You can use the light tone on a darker tone of the color and you will have contrasts; for example where little leaves (sepals) bend there is a light surface and behind it dark.

Fragrant tomatoes oil painting

When upload photo of the painting it looks like that (above) but while painting it is pretty much like seeing brush strokes, colors’ tones on canvas, which is called ‘something strange going on here‘ case. Chaotic. So, see the texture of paint with a close up:

Fragrant tomatoes oil painting detailDetail 1

Fragrant tomatoes oil painting detail 2Detail 2

Fragrant tomatoes canvas oil painting.jpg

Wish you find lots of tasty tomatoes. They make me excited somehow 😀


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