Waves in acrylic

I realized that a drawing or a painting starts at the point that we disappointingly think that it is already ended.

For me it was very interesting when I first found out while working on canvas that we set a background on canvas with some colors like covering the whole painting surface and then add what’s gonna be in the closer scene; like painting the whole surface of the tones of sky then adding a yellow building in front of the sky somewhere on canvas; then adding grey roads and pavement around the building; adding pedestrians, animals and trees to the scene (Well, I had heard about it once I dont know how many years ago from Bob Ross and didn’t make much sense at this time because it was only oil pastel years at school). Could you think of you draw all of these things over sky color’s tone? Da-daa!

So here comes the first step of my acrylic painting:

sea and waves acrylic painting step 1

So here we have our colors and we thin them with water (water for acrylic, solvent for oil), and use more water when we want to give the color on the brush on a larger area on canvas, which makes a slight affect.

Look at the second step:
You could think what we need is some blue color and black and white to have tones of blue for the sea but have you ever thought about other colors there might be in sea, like purple, orange, green? Oh, how?
Think of a sunset; pinks and oranges in the sky reflects on sea surface.
What about green; there is a mass of water which is blue and in its tones, then think about waves, little part from that mass is going higher and higher and that piece is thinner, smaller and gets greeny.

At the third step I turned the down part into grey’s tones with mixing black and white.

On the 4th step finally I am setting general features, a small part of the wave on the left is already falling down, then there we see navy-brown-black.

sea and waves acrylic painting step 2.jpg

I used my nails for thick waves in a darker tone of blue (with adding some more black to previous blue tone) and this is the proof to it :p

Also one more point that acrylic dries fast, some people don’t like it because of that feature, but it is completely okay for me I can say. I don’t know if you realized on photos that but I add colors to palette as small as a bean and keep adding when it is needed.

sea and waves acrylic painting step 3.jpg

About the closest part to us where we see foam I used white and white’s some darker tones, like veery light blue and white, for foam illusion; I hold the brush slightly and led my hand scroll around, spin and roam. A tip: use light blue, almost white color thinned with water and use it on canvas make curvy lines, ovals and some ‘S‘es, then touch your brush to the same color and white again without water this time, it is going to be thicker, and go over the same curvy lines, ovals, ‘S‘es. Then you will have some tone’s in there and dimensional effect.

In the second step I added orange to blue! Yes you’ve heard it right! I though about colors, they were blue, green and brown; blue is the dominant color in the composition and a small touch with the reverse color of blue which is orange could make a good look and complete it somehow. So I added orange to left part in the first frame. The sun must be going down.
But then I thought it should better be if I will have this light orange on the right side because if you look at the composition those sections are parallel to each other and there is a black part somewhere in the left middle of the canvas and there is heavier. So in the second frame I covered sky surface with orange, blue and white.

sea and waves acrylic painting sky

Which is something like that. Orange is almost disappeared, I can see it better on canvas than photo.

Also I want to tell you something about a fact which is painting process; how brush strokes, blended colors look to us while painting, may seem chaotic. Meanwhile painting, you are closer to the canvas-of course-, sometimes it is hard to say what it is you are painting, they look like bunch of brush strokes. But when you step back to observe those strokes fall into their places, I can say (especially in oil painting).

I take photos of the drawing/painting to have eyes from distance. That photo tells me where is not how I want it to be, if balance of the composition is well-set, colors are appropriate etc. Photo taking way really works for me.

For that I have here 2 details. Especially the second detail tells more about what I try to say.

sea and waves acrylic detail 1
Detail 1

Detail: the texture; sky and a part of the sea.

sea and waves acrylic detail 2
Detail 2

What I say is more obvious in here, isn’t it?

sea and waves acrylic painting SP
18×24 cm acrylic painting

Sea and sky meets at the horizon; plus, 2 lines of waves and foamy part below:

I wish before the summer season ends such a view will be ahead of me, not only on canvas or screens (Sea gods, hear me!).


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