Come undone fish

That is a fish in two pieces from Duran Duran’s Come Undone video clip; well, it appears something like that on screen, but on my canvas.

come undone fish drawing steps 1I used F sketching pencil to draw the fish then I set background black. The third frame is the same with second, just a close up.
At the forth you can see tones of yellow-slightly-, orange and brown.

come undone fish drawing steps 2
First step in here above is the ‘If you think it is done, you are wrong! Let’s add some details.‘ step. On the second step you can see tone differences, darker areas and no-left-blank-points.

come undone fish
colors under sunlight

18×24 cm, acrylic painting.


  1. Thanks for uploading this. I have been checking out your content for quite a while and it constantly brings me back!
    I’m a long time follower, however I’ve never been compelled to leave a
    comment until I started my own gaming blog.

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