Water -> Sea and texture

This week here I come with a little different style of drawings.

I wanted to work on textures of sea surface with felt tip pens in a scribbling way without any reference photo or something.

sea drawing tip.jpgHere I have a tip for you for drawing sea surface; general feature of the composition.

At the bottom side of your paper waves are thicker and a little bigger, as we go further in the perspective, which means towards top of your paper those curvy lines get thinner and maybe less curvy. Here is a tip for you; when you draw the closer thing you use a darker tone of a color, more details, texture on the surfaces; and when you put that thing away frow you in your composition, the thing’s color fades away, we can’t see details anymore, no textures or anything else. The best example is mountains I can think of. If the closest is dark purple, the other mountains behind are lighter and lighter. They could go from dark grey (closest) to light grey(farest) e.g.

Here is an example of a former drawing:

sunset sp
Sunset and waves with oil pastels.

Here is my late night felt-tip pen sea studies in steps:

sea drawing steps.jpg

In the first step with the darkest tone of blue I drew some curvy lines. Thicker at the bottom and getting thinner at the top.

In the second step with  lighter tone of blue I drew more lines of wave in the blank areas and around of the previous darker parts.

In every step I go to a lighter tone of blue. In the third step with a lighter pen I repeated filling blank areas with more curvy lines this time.

At the forth step I used the lightest tone of blue I have and a grey pen; lightest blue for the place where is close to you and grey is where is away -just like how I showed above simply (general feature of the composition).

Another late night study:

sea texture drawing steps
This is the case that the capturing eye is close to the water/sea surface, there is no wave and water is so clear. I used grey and light blue felt tip pen.

And the rest, altogether:

sea water texture

I liked them better all together I should say, and that reminds me of ‘together we stand, divided we fall‘.

With watercolor you can have more realistic results because of the way colors blend to each other for a sea composition. For me it was a bit different from my common style this week, I hope you enjoyed. Differences are good once in a while, aren’t they?
Have a nice drawing time! See you in the next post!


    • I am so happy to hear that. I think what is really helpful is that walking between the comprehension of all features of what you’re drawing and seeing that thing as bunch of lines and shapes; like two sides of a blade-reality and 2d world of lines.
      Anyway, drawing water is delighting to me, maybe the most 🙂

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