Charging the moon

Based on the ‘Charging the Moon’ photo of my friend Dani’s, on his Instagram account as Mr Wallet ^^ First trial was on the black cartoon; the second is in here I share with you:

charging the moon drawing steps

At the first step I used 0.05 and 0.1 fine tips for the utility pole; with a light pencil drew the ground line from left up to right down and hung the moon.
At the second step I used navy coloring pencil all around the sky and two tones of purple in the egdes of the sky; used darker purple at the corners. 
At the third step I added a lighter space between the moon and the utility pole.
At the forth step I filled the empty space with black charcoal pencil in a vertical way; but then with a piece of cotton I turned it into a smooth flat surface which was the further step. With the cotton with charcoal I made a touch to the sky to darken it a little bit; especially around the corners. You can see it below in the done version:

charging the moon drawing 3

0.05 and 0.1 black fine tip pens; 2 tones of purple, 2 tones of blue coloring pencils; black charcoal pencil; white coloring pencil; white gel pen and ready to share 😉 😀

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