Nature -> Water

Here we go with a splash! You ready?


This is the reference photo; a splash of water. Before start drawing let’s take a look at it and try to understand the form. Let’s see the directions first. See the arrows in the reference photo below.

water splash main directions.jpg

Water is like in a move, a strange shape of a surface moves in an amorphous way. And also that amorphous shape has thickness, try to see.

Before starting I should say I am not doing exactly the same according to the reference image, better focus features of water in order to use the knowledge in further water drawings when needed.

water splash 2

Actually there is a very beginning step which is drawing general contours slightly and main feature of the thing but in photo I took it wasn’t seen, so I didn’t add it here.
I have 3 tones of blue for this study; with the darkest one I drew the general construction with ignoring details. You can choose your darkest one and use it most of the time with different strenght on paper.

The outline of the splash takes form by the drops (or half drops) around the splash so this is the explanation of the wavy outline. See the drops and flowings.

water splash 3

The first step is drawing drops, obviously.  While drawing them you will realise they are mostly ovals and circles (and sometimes the outline is not closed at all) with ot without texture inside on paper. While doing the texture imagine drop is a dimensional thing with weight; a part is thicker, darker; a peak with highlight; so weight, thickness and light are the parameters you should assume.
One more fact that depending on the point of your view, possible that some drops will overlap on your plane section.

The second step is adding texture and the thickness effect with another group of wavy lines around the contour.

water splash left

You can see the left part of the drawing. Adding details which are actually just some organic scribbles, shapes, wavy lines. I used mostly the darkest tone of blue pencil I have.

water splash middle

The middle part of the splash. You can see better what I meant with saying organic scribbleswavy lines. Pay attention that the wavy lines follow the way of the flowing direction. In here it is like from left to right up.

water splash right 2

Working on the right part of the splash, there is a curve in here.

water splash drawing sp 2.jpg

This is the done version of our splash. In the end I looked at the reference photo one more time in order to see the darkest tones of blue at first sight then I used black coloring pencil to darken those tiny parts. I used black pencil really just a little.

water bubble drawing

Bubbles -the move in water; charcoal, derwent, light grey and white coloring pencils. Charcoal pencil leaves the strongest marks on paper/cartoon than derwent; and derwent does stronger than coloring pencil. So I usually keep charcoal pencil to the end for the last shot ;D

pouring water drawing

Pouring water with derwent, light grey and white coloring pencils on black cartoon. It was supposed to be a minimal drawing but I found myself drawing more and more, here and there, and after realising what I’ve done deleting with kneaded eraser, agh.


Here I have something else from February ’17 where you can examine bubbles in the drawing above. In the link below you can find its drawing steps and some explanations:

Hope it was helpful. See you at the next post!
Happy sketching!

The source of the water splash photo:

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