Darkness for a starry night

I realised there was a harmony before my eyes in the drawing, chocolate and tea; so I had to capture it :p

starry night drawing stepHaving a mixture on black cartoon with all of those coloring pencils.
Used a 4B black charcoal pencil for the contour of the trees

starry night drawing step 2

6B charcoal pencil for the trees with some caution for fullness and emptiness of their contour.

starry night drawing

Stars with white derwent pencil and gel pen. Gel pen is stronger than derwent I should say.

“Light of hate
Hope and shade
Part of the fate
Tonight we are stars”

By Helloween, from Andi Deris‘s strong voice, I’ve listened to it a million times since I know the song. It’s been long years, wow.


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