Nature -> Flower

I think drawing flower is really simple and when you do, it is effective on people ^^,
So prepare your papers and pencils! We are starting.

Let’s see the part of a flower first:

parts of a flower drawing

I didn’t want to say “let’s draw the stuff inside the flower“, better say stamen and pistil.

What matters in this topic is petals actually; take a look:

petal drawings

They seem like they have flat colors or a slight texture on the surface; some have stains on them; partly bending. The position of petals is important when you draw a flower, the direction they bend and some causes other to bend more.

I have a Papaver rhoeas, or corn rose drawing to study with you.

corn rose flower drawing steps 4

The first frame is the general contruction; where to locate the thing(s) on the paper, deciding the size and the relation with others. Here I decided one big and clear flower, two other blur flowers on the background.
On the main flower there are petals in the middle they remain like a glass and the spetals behind them fall open more.

In the second frame there is a blue circle where I want to indicate stamen and pistil drawing.

Light falls from right side and that causes some lighter areas. In the third frame you can see that with white derwent pencil I added some short lines which all have direcction to the centre of the flower, or let’s say they head to the pistil/ovule.

In the forth one I started coloring the shadows and in here I should say that the corn rose is red and shadows should be a darker tone of red; and I don’t have plenty of tones of red pencils. And the other fact is that if you want to have a more organic or realistic look don’t color petals (light or shadow whereever) flat; add some slightly curvy lines heading to the ovule; add some slight stains -maybe-; tones, add some tones because light doesn’t fall everywhere the same -petal is not a flat surface.
So in here I mixed dark red (I had only 2 tones), dark purple and brown.

Also in the last step I added the stem, see the guideline to show the way it connects to the ovule.

corn rose flower drawing steps 3

In the first frame I pointed the shadows I mentioned.

On the second and the thirdd steps I colored the left parts where they get light in different scales.

The forth frame is a start to background. Some people do the background in the beginnig of the drawing first, but me I guess never; I see it as a complement which comes the last.
So see I used a light green coloring pencil and left marks leaf or stem-like.

corn rose drawing steps 2.jpg

For a vivid look I drew all over again using pencils harder this time. Also I used piece of paper to avoid smudging as you see above.

corn rose drawing.jpg

Also white gel pen to have stronger whites

Adding a darker green, slight black parts (with 6B black charcoal pencil) nd whites (white derwent pencil) to the backgroung; and here we have it is ready.
Background is quite blur, isn’t it?

Here I have something else; I couldn’t decide which flower to pick to draw, so I said to myself “Just mix them up!”:

flower drawing stretched paw.jpg

They are shy flower (mimosa pudica); bigleaf hydrangea or french hydrangea even though it is native to Japan; rose, bougainvillea; four o’clock flower (mirabilis jalapa) opens late afternoon and narcissus. Except rose I am somehow connected with the others with memories, a road to my childhood actually.

A memory; we had narcissus at home every winter which my father bought always. Once I was going home in a windy and rainy evening and suddently stopped right after passing the flower seller in order to buy narcissus. When I was home my father seemed happy because had forgetten to buy them and told that we have them home every new year’s eve which I didn’t realise until that day.
A time comes in your life that every single tiny memory becomes precious for you.

Let me know what you chose to draw, I’d love to see your works.
Happy sketching you all!
See you in the next post!

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