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For this post I have learnt the difference between fungi and fungus, haha.

Fungi contains fungus and fungus is used for a specific specie only. The other point is that fungi is not from plant family.

It is such an interesting and huge topic, it is even nice to lose yourself in it, because you are suprised by the species you haven’t seen before. When I hear mushroom the first thing I think is the common white ones, the second thing is that they are a must be for me in a pizza 😀
So what I suggest you to google: Phallus Indusiatus looks like pavilion; Clathrus ruber or red cage; that tiny mushrooms Cyathus Striatus or flutted bird’s nest -though it is said that the things inside the nest look like eggs I could say that they are expensive matt stones; Scizophyllum Commune is like out of baroque ornamentation; for Geastrum Minimum or Tiny Earthstar I wouldn’t have said that they are mushrooms-they have petals just like Devil’s Cigar or Texas Star (oh what names); Aseroe Rubra or Starfish Fungus looks like a festival hat; Puffball Mushroom used for dark ink (I suggest you to check the mystical mushroom link which is in the end of the post).

So if you are ready,
(badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom)
let’s get started!

fungi drawing mushroom types.jpg

A fungi sketch above
I can’t help adding ‘One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small‘, this topic also reminds me of that 😀

Moving on. Here is the cutie(Rhodotus Palmatus/ rosy veincap) I chose to draw:


I decided to draw it sketching pencils and I turned the image into black and white…


…to be able to read the tones of grey better and easier.

mushroom drawing steps 1.jpg

At the first step in here I made a frame with a black tape. That was a mistake; it is a ‘don’t do‘, a paper destroyer, not a good choice.

The second step is drawing the main construction (I used 2H) and major features of the drawing which are the ground and background separating line, the stem and cap; I also did the drop or bubble-like things.
See the pinky line in the direction of left-up to right-down; that’s line I just talked about.
See the red lines which indicate the end-edge of the stem, left part is more on the above than the right side, which is because of the inclination of the rock where the mushroom locates; drawing right down part longer will create that illusion.

mushroom drawing steps 2 capHere I have something to say about the curve on the cap. I tried to show you on the left with light tones of blue-green ovals.

The area between the inner and the second ovals are the one side of the curve for you to imagine. That bending is not sharp so I tried to show it, and you should just imagine it.

The third frame there are red curvy lines (scroll up to see). There you can see the tendency of gills (mushroom gills is a good topic for a texture study imo).

At the forth step see that light red area where the cap has layers on like mountains.
Also you can see at the forth step that I drew the outline of the mushroom but as you see in the photo there is a very thin line where light falls ; so I include that outlines to background then the contouring won’t be seen, such a trick!

mushroom drawing step 4.jpg

See that yellow candy on the left-up 😀 this is our tasty light source. Light falls from this side so right side of the cap will be darker.

Inside of the cap there is curve so the edges have shadow in there where I point with the black arrow. That means we make that part a darker tone of grey.

Also started drawing the background with 2H, used the pencil on paper in a circular way. I mixed 2H, 2B and 4B; well, 2H for the preserved light areas on the background(you will see that somewhere below), 2B all around of the ground, 4B the darkest place on the top of the cap (See that blue arrow, where I point) for more contrast; that makes this part of head look lighter as perception.

mushroom drawing step 3.jpg

Above you see preserved thin white(light) line-like areas I talked about. It will make your drawing will look more realistic.

mushroom drawing step 5 bubbles

Drawing those bubble like things is all about setting the light-dark parts in right places. I suggest you to see that a texture drawing thing, I mean with a hard pencil (I used 2H and 6H) decide the light parts, preserve that tiny light and color around. In the first frame you can see I drew only the outline of the light parts.
When you color around of those light parts, the contour of it shouldn’t be seen.

Something I liked, is that in the third frame you can see the texture(or stains) of the stem, because the bubble-like thing is transparent.

mushroom drawing step 4

Here we have the cap and the stem almost ready, only adding a very slight texture and shadow on the stem left; I used 6H pencil for that on the right sides where light falls less.

mushroom drawing step 5 background

Background of the photo is not clear in the reference photo, there is blur. So we are gonig to make it with tones of grey. While doing that keeping some parts(areas like circles and ovals or any shape it could be) lighter will make the background look more like in the photo, or let’s say more realistic.

mushroom drawing sp 2

I added scriblling for the ground, nothing more. If you’d like I am dropping rock drawing tutorial in the end, you can check.

So this is the done version; that ripped part on the right is included (cries in the shadows), I told you that tape frame wasn’t a good idea at all. It was so sad to me but anyway, meh.

bon appetit mushroom on cooker drawing.jpg

This is the mushrom type I prefer; you be a good kid, too.

Hope you liked the post. As you know there are many interesting mushroom/fungi types all around the world and I would love to see what you chose to draw.

Source of the photo:

Rock drawing tutorial:

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