What does the fox s… -no wait- he yawns!

Suddenly I found myself saying “I should draw a fox!” some time ago and finally did it yesterday. Here we go with the drawing steps:

fox drawing steps 1

First frame is the construction as always. Drawing outline and major features, then checking/comparing the proportions and distances between each other.
In the second I started doing its fur from ears.
Third frame is going on with the head. I mixed black and white and didn’t want to use any (other) color. At some parts white gel pen is dense, some black.
Shadow for the mouth, drawing nose black and also leaving small parts for the shine effect on it.

P.S.: I am dropping fur drawing tutorial‘s link in the end.

fox drawing.jpg

Filling the blanks then few things left.

yawning fox drawing 3

Last touches to tongue and whiskers, using white derwent pencil partly.
Then here we have a y
awning fox with derwent pencil, gel pen, 0.05 and 0.1 black fine tips.

Fur drawing tutorial:

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