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Hi there everyone!
After plant drawing tutorial here comes the leaf drawing post.

Let’s get started with what I chose to draw:


Take a look at that reference photo. It is a cut of a leaf that possible  to work on with details. There is a mid-vein (the biggest one in the middle) from left-down to right-up. Then you can see there are thinner veins joint the mid vein and even thinner and more veins joint them. 

leav vein drawing 1
Click right and open it on the new tab to enlarge the image

At the first step I drew that yellow frame to place the leaf.

I started with mid-vein drawing with light yellow coloring pencil, you can see it in the first step. It is hard to catch that light color on white paper, so I had to use photoshop for guidelines; they are the darker yellows as you see.

In the second step you can see secondary veins. See the angle they join the mid-vein.

In the third step we see more and thinner veins. Those veins are like they start from one secondary-vein, go to the next secondary-vein and join it. As you will realize thinner veins intersect and create small surfaces like rectangles, ovals or whatever to call.

Well, I wasn’t planning to color those areas flat. So in the forth frame I started dotting the whole area with that light yellow coloring pencil in order to have an help for an organic look. 

leaf vein drawing 2

In the first frame as you consider that leaf surface is not flat, leaves have some bumps. That biggest vein, mid-vein, is the tickest and has the highest bump: so it has the darkest line in its edges. In this photo light comes from right down and lights that part, so shadow happens at the other side of surface. I pointed where to shadow with arrows. You can read it from the reference photo, too.

In the second one I started coloring those areas between veins with mixing one coloring pencil with another. In the frame yet the color is so light. Let’s say that I have worked with layers which are overlapping into each other, which is like partly light yellow, over it light green; partly light green, partly faded green ovet it, etc.

In the third I used darker green as it gets closer to the stem.

The forth frame is a closer look.

leaf vein drawing 3

Parts of the leaf closer to the stem are darker, so I used dark green and black.

See at the second step right down part of the leaf has less light, so maybe the leaf bends a little bit and gets shadowy a little bit.

The third frame is a closer look.

In the last frame I used white gel pen to draw over some veins, some of them were white in the reference photo.

leaf vein drawing coloring pencils white gel pen

This is the final version.

leaf vein drawing

I mixed those coloring pencils you see in the photo. Coloring pencils and also white gel pen; done.

leaf sketches drawing

Here I have another drawing with 4B and 6B charcoal pencils.
Here I want to point something. While examining leaves I realised something: in the mid-vein there are smaller veins reach out to the edges. Two veins head to opposite directions from two sides from mid-vein, whose joint points are so close to each other, but from the same point. That is not a feature of an every leaf, but it might be so common. You can google leaf and take a look at them.

I also have done one more leaf drawing some time ago, which is that:


If you would like to see its drawing steps, its link is right here:

I hope it was helpful for you.
See you in the next post.

Source of the leaf photograph:

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