Kitty in the big city

This time I am inspired by a marvelous little tiger called Tophey, kitty_in_the_big_city on Instagram.

sleeping cat drawing 1

I started doing contour to set the proportions of the cat right, used 0.05 and 0.1 tip black pens and white gel.

sleeping cat drawing 2

The coloring pencils I used for its fur (if you’d like you can visit my fur drawing tutorial, I am dropping its link in the end).

sleeping cat drawing 3

For drawing blanked I showed the main direction of textile of the blanket with white charcoal, because as the blanket bends, so does texture on it (there is a link in the end of my fold drawing tutorial).

sleeping cat drawing process

To avoid smudging I used a piece of paper under my hand, especially for charcoal because it disappears with touch. I used that removing feature actually with my fingertips before drawing the texture with derwent, you can see the blank part on the area where I use the derwent pencil.

sp kitty in the big city drawing.jpg

White charcoal pencil all over the blanket and smudge slightly with cotton, strengthen the color of the fur -use the same coloring pencils harder, few marks on the blanket to indicate shadows in the small holes and…
Done ^^

Heh, I want to sleep deep like that without chasing birds.

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