Pancake Rocks

You should google Pancake rocks and blowholes which are located in Punakaiki, New Zealand.
I am glad I found it while preparing previous tutorial. In this post I wanted to see that organic form as a texture and draw it. I am sharing its steps with you this week.

I used 0.05 and 0.1 tip black pens.

If you are ready, here we go!

pancake rocks 1


These organic forms reminded me of contour lines in geography. Those pancakes are like contours. So in the first step I chose top pancakes (it is hard to write it before breakfast). You can see 9 of them above.

As I have mentioned before when you draw something from top (90 degrees above) you actually draw that thing’s plan. When you just draw from a little bit above you see top surface the bigger and more detailed according to the rest of the thing, you draw top surface’s size as close as its plan section. Vice versa as much as you change the viewing perspective top surface starts getting flat and after some point it is just a line.

In this example I look at those rocks somewhere from up, but not too high; we see the top Pancakes flatter and smaller than their plan sizes. 

pancake rocks 2


As we go down from top Pancake rock to down we see those flat rocks get bigger in an irregular way (though we are talking about nature), draw other flat rocks until it will be time to consider which one is on the front and overlaps the other. When you keep drawing you will see what I mean; those contour lines of rocks will intersect at some point. Keep going. 

pancake rocks 3

One is behind other one is in the front, some higher some bigger organic forms. A little area is blank, I keep doing. 

pancake rocks 8


This is what it is when we finish drawing Pancake rocks. See how they overlap each other. 

pancake rocks 6


Let’s assume sunlight comes from left-left up. So now in here we have some surfaces which don’t get sunlight. That shadowing process also gives some depth perception.

See also those cracks on the tops and surfaces, I added few. 

pancake rock drawing


You can leave the background blank, I decided to make some clouds with dots, there could have been sea as well. You decide what you want, whether you want to leave empty or add some ufos or flying rocks or whatever.
But let me know what you did! ^^

Happy sketching 8)

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