Nature -> Bush and grass

Hi there again!
Here I come with a post where the grass is green and the bush is I hope pretty ^^

If you haven’t studied previous tutorial which is about drawing tree and branches, I suggest you to do it first before bush drawing, because it is basically like tree drawing -kind of. You can imagine it like small trees with lots of thin trunks, those trunks are close to each other mostly.

Here we go!

bush drawing stepsHere is the basic way of drawing bushes, like how I said there are thin trunks and branches. Those branches separate into smaller and thinner ones.
In the last step with some scribbles you give the ground effect. Those scrribles show that the ground is not flat and has some grass -maybe- stones, partly, things, you know.

The bush is not always dry and/or naked. You can add some foliage; keep scrolling.

bush fine line drawing

Some different bushes above. You can open it in a new tab to enlarge.

Some of them are actually like trees with different type of leaves or dry totally or has different style of drawing.

You should think 3 dimensions I have mentioned you about in my previous posts ( in ‘3 Dimensional Effect‘ post title actually) which is like there is that x, y and z axis. So you can imagine some branches are coming towards you in the y axis. Consider that branches joint the trunk from back, front and sides. The bush drawing down in the middle is a good example for that.

The one on the right down is maquis actually. When I googled the word I also found resistance fighters called ‘Maquis‘ from France during World War II; ‘Originally the word came from the kind of terrain in which the armed resistance groups hid‘ Wikipedia says. I haven’t heard about it before and I am suprised to find things like that while searching unrelated things; or unexpected just like I found Forest Swastika during tree searches.

foliage examples bushYou can use dots, circles and small scribbles, stains for foliage effect (stains with watercolor would look cool), I showed above like 5 types I used with a pen. While using them do some parts dense; darken some areas to separate those groups of foliages from different branches; those darker parts are depths of those foliage bunches.

grass drawingThis is the basic way of drawing grass which is so much like fur or hair drawing, one overlaps the other basicly.
Grass is not straight like a ruler, it has a curve.
Step one is few lines to define grass. On the second step there is another group of grass; they grow in different places.
On the third step you fill the space between them, they grow from different points on earth. The point is here not to draw perfect straight lines.

In the last step I also added wind effect. Each grass has different resistance. Some bends more than the others.

grass drawing stepsPay attention how the closer ones are bigger, one covers what’s behind partly. Closer ones look bigger and they are taller on paper. The far we go grass gets less detailed, blur, shorter on the paper. I used 0.1 fine tip for the grass on the front; 0.05 fine tip for the ones far away.
On the last step I put some tones of green.

fine line grass drawing 3


Just do it like how you feel. There is no rule about it.
Take your time and enjoy!
See you in the next post.



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