There had been a time when I was tea and coffee

Right after cloud and tree tutorials what I have here! 😀

I think I was about 6 or 7 years old when I did that drawing of our home. It was winter holiday and I was in another city with my mother. Then I wrote a letter to my father who didn’t come with us; he was working.

kid drawing sp
That’s an old photo, I am going to update it ASAP I find the drawing

In the letter I wrote my father that I missed home and I am really pissed off at my aunt’s place because my cousins call me as ‘tea‘ and ‘coffee‘ and next time I will never stay there never ever again, i will stay home with my father!!!1!

Never call anyone as ‘tea’, don’t you ever dare ‘coffee’. That’s harsh 😛

And about drawing…
It is partly façade, partly plan and partly perspective. Can’t decide whether I was confused or connective.

Trees are of course higher than any 7-floor-building and those fruits gotta be apples; the building has that rectangular entrance, and the other rectangle is the grocery next to the building.

Clouds are masterpiece, plain and strong, aren’t they? 😀

And the park… I have real cool memories from there ^^

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