Bungee jumping in Rio

End of 2014…

…Wasting my precious time on social media and reading posts like signs of being an adventurer, if I am a tourist or a traveller, ‘to do‘ lists before 30 years of age, another ‘to do‘s before dying not to regret your lifetime etc. I don’t know if you are familiar with those lists.

Well, then I decided to make my own absurd to do list, because I had already visited 51 must see locations out of 50; had been a traveller (of course a traveller), had experienced all of those stuff at the age of 23 (in 2014) and it was my thing to create that to do list.
So the list was something like -run naked in suburbs for a great adventure; -go to a fancy restaurant with plastic toilet slippers and shout loud “Tea from me to everyone!” etc.

One from that list was bungee jumping during countdown at the new years eve in Rio. So I drew the scene on a schoeller paper with coloring pencils, then used a wet cotton for the effect.


New years eve, bungee jumping, Rio, sea

I guess kinda liked the idea later 😀

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