Materials -> Wood

Wood is a natural material with fibers. What I like about drawing wood is that there is no sharp rule just like other naturals like leaves, trees, mountains, clouds; but some techniques ^^ For the technique here I am!

So here we go again.

laminate parquet.jpg
0.4 and 0.8 black pen

I chose a laminate parquet to draw first because it seems like that parquet has every kind of texture all. So I drew this rectangles above- it is kind of scribble.

I want you to see the thickness difference- I seperated the areas with coloring then it should be easier to divide them and realise the line thickness.

laminate parquet 4.jpg

And the done version with daylight.

wood drawing  1.jpg

So now a clasical one. With 5 vertical double lines I divided the paper into 4 main parts-but it is not really important how many they are.

wood drawing  2.jpg

Fill between the black lines with black- that black parts will be the dark areas between each wood part.

So now see the coloring pencils they are like brown, skin color, grey, black, golden yellow and blue. I colored the whole background with blending them into each other so softly that it is really hard to see the color. If you will push your screen a little back you may see a little bit of the color.


fibres detail

Now it is time for the texture which you don’t have to stick to my drawing exactly, free your hands a little bit. While drawing this pattern I used brown and at this point I have something to show -that because of the fibres you will see the pattern icludes short and straight lines in the same direction- like in the detail here.

wood drawing  5.jpg

And about the snag circles, they have cracks and scratches. Check it on the done version.

wood section 1.jpg

Now a section drawing. I used 0.4 and 0.8 black pens.

Replace the main big circle part and make cracks inside the circle.

wood section 7.jpg

There are some more circular lines spreading around that big main one-see that green color.

There are some ways starts from centre-the navy guidelines. As you see those lines are not straight, no- not any straight- they are way too crooked.

wood section 3.jpg

Wood snags again. They have some scratches, cracks again and some depth or hight (as you can see the second circle around it.

wood section 4.jpg

Coloring time. In here you can do somehow in your own style but I advise you try to give the effect of the texture. In here I used skin tone for the croocked circles and for the rest tones of brown.

wood section 5.jpg

The last touch is white for the scratches on the surface. I used vinyl eraser to delete partly then white charcoal pencil so strenghten white. Also white gel pen around the croocked circles.

I also would like to show you the pattern in progress in detail, which is below.

wood section 6.jpg

I also added some more details with dots and lines. So we are done with that wood section now.

I want to say that I liked drawing wood; I think it is because I like drawing naturals and not sticking something in exactly the same way. I hope you will enjoy, too.See you in the next post! ^^

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