Materials -> Steel

I feel like I must admit that sometimes I look for -kind of inspiration for topics I find a little bit boring. I have been singing ‘she got wheels, wheels of steel‘ this time-cool, isn’t it?

Prepare your white, black and grey pencils. I used grey tones and black coloring pencils, white gel pen, white charcoal pencil and white derwent pencil for all.

So what I have is the texture of smooth steel in steps below:


I drew circles with the same orgin in different sizes and made the contrast of scan higher for you to see. See that navy circles as guidelines for you. So you can start with a point on your paper and then draw a very small circle around it with your light grey coloring pencil.

In the second step keep drawing circles, they will get bigger and bigger. I drew corners of rectangle for having a frame for the drawing; so you can see that some circles are not whole, especially when they are away from the centre.

The step is the step for darker parts; I drew red radius gudelines. Use your darker grey now and make few darker radiuses. Draw in a circular way.

In the forth step you can see that every radius part has its own darker or lighter radius parts. I divided one big radius part into 3 parts and the one in the middle is darker as an example.


In here complate between those radius parts with light grey with circular lines, blend those parts a little bit.


Steel has shiny parts as well. So it is time for the shiny parts. I used charcoal and derwent in here; but you may not have a strong result using them directly on grey. So I took my vinyl eraser (which is very tough eraser) and used it as a ray from centre to the outline. I did some more rays; some thin some thick.


As final touch you can use white gel pen.

You can see that circular texture in steel; shiny parts, darker parts, some reflections and in black-grey-white. Let’s see that tones in a sink of a kitchen example:

Yeah, I made the contrast higher, still not like on the paper, still sucks

First step is drawing the contours of the sink in a very simple way. We see the closer edge longer and thicker; and away edge is shorter and thinner. The edges on the right and left meet at one vanishing point out of the paper; so that is a simple one point example btw.

Second step is adding high and low surfaces; horizonal long bumps and oval shape of the bottom part on the right side.

photo of the sink

Use black for the vertical surfaces to show the thickness, to show that the object has a depth.

scan of the sink

So now a steel ball:


At first step draw a circle with caution, use light grey as color. The better you draw the shape the better result you will have in the end.

Second step is making the ball wear the texture in the firts drawing examples; that circular texture. Choose a centre point somewhere a little left up from the centre of the circle and start drawing circles around it.

For 3 dimensional effect and steel texture together, draw back part of the ball (I mean the very right side) with a darker grey. See what I mean on the third step.

On the 4th step add those shiny and darker radiuses. I used black for that small but strong shadows and white charcoal and derwent pencils for the shiny parts. Those shinings and shadows start from that centre, you should see that.

Also that ball will have its shadow under.

For the last touch if you have you can use white gel pen, I did.


Having that circular texture is quite effective, isn’t it? ^^

You can google steel and look for more examples. You can examine objects around you and try to see how to draw them; how you would draw them. Those objects can be tap, sink, cooking pot or some other materials from kitchen or bathroom.

Write me what you chose and how it went.

See you in the next post!
Happy sketching! ^_^

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