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Denim and leather, brought us all together!

It was just few months ago I was shouting this in a concert of Saxon. Now here I found myself drawing some textures of leathers.

I realised that leather has no perfectly smooth surface, but irregular. They have some ways like veins or  different textures like similar to rectangles or circles.

Let’s take a look at our leather textures I chose:


Grab your black, grey, orange and brown colored pencils; we are starting.


In the first step make some shapes like circles, but circles, close to each other as much as possible. The point is that they are reall small and they have their own spesific shapes.
Then with dark grey  colored pencil, color the areas between them and fill inside with brown. I made that brown parts darker in the next step.
Assume that light is reflecting from left and add some highlights on the texture with white. I used white gel pen for the light effect.


This one has kind of yellow veins. At first it looked like there are main horizonal lines and connectional veins between them, but no; there is just no rule, those lines are not any straight or long like all the way, they are shot, wavy, connected, irregular.
In the second step I used some orange and brown for the main background color
When I zoomed the image I was suprised to see some white scrathes, They might be some highlights, kind of.


That one has some main ways or veins which are darker and the rest is like details like partly black-grey-white circles and dots.


Drawing the contours first and leaving small distances between each land is the first step. Then color grey between them and flat brown inside.
There are some dips and these parts are almost black or dark grey. They don’t have a rule, they are partly circles and partly short lines.
Then time for light effect. I assumed that light comes from left and used white gel pen to right sides; orange coloring pencil to left side of the texture. Of course I didn’t use that orange all around the rectangles; I did partly for thickness of different places.

Everything at once

When you use leather in a material you will see some shiny parts. As an example:

Rob Halford

And this is Rob Halford from Judas Priest wearing a leather jacket. A cloth doesn’t have flat surface on body, so that is why I want you to see wrinkles and the shiny parts as a result.

You can pick a leather jacket, leather skirt/trousers, purse, shoes or anything where leather is used in order to draw.

I hope it was helpful. You can comment below what you chose to draw and how it went.

See you in the next post! ^^

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