Materials-> Glass 2 (and ‘Be Water’)

Hi everyone!

In my previous post I mentioned you about transparency of glass, refractions and reflections on it, glass cracks. I advise you to visit that post first then meet me in here again 😉

If you are ready, fasten your seatbelt and let’s go!


Glass brick, really?
Yees! *\o/*

So let’s start checking what  we have to draw. Ignore all the details of the block and focus on the shape; it is like a cube but 2 surfaces of the main sides are bigger as size. See the red surfaces; these are the thicker parts.

There are no sharp corners that is what I like. 

Other thing I want you to see the double line in the red circle. It is double line because of thickness. That double line starts from right-back-up part and ends at left-back-down, just like the front side we see; but through the glass refraction we don’t see that lines like x and y axis, like 90 degrees to each other; but an interesting shape appears like a hole on the surface. If you google glass brick/block you will see how that refraction causes interesting patterns happen.

glass brick3.jpg

At that point I must tell you that my printer, mobile and table lamp altogether betrayed me. I raised the contrast of the lines on photoshop, as result I got dots instead of lines, on paper in front of me was just alright -_-

Look at the firts step, those red vertical lines are the borders of the surfaces, but also realise the circular parts on the tops and downs instead of corners. I drew them with a light grey pencil.

In the second step I added shadows which are inside the glass. Sharpened some edges with a darker grey pencil and I hatched the up surface with inclinational lines which are parallel to each other. In these parallel lines there will be some little shadows, that means some parts of some lines will be a little darker.


Time to double the line which goes from right up to left down because the surface must have thickness. For that I used black pencil at some points.
Then start adding some patterns. On the right side, the second step has a good pattern on the big surface; it reminded me of contour line maps. I used my pencil like 90 degrees to the paper to have finer lines.

Below is the photograph of the drawing. I used some dots partly for a better texture, hope you see:

glass block drawing.jpg
Mondeluz colored pencils

Who has fish? I had two; one black, one orange. My brother had named them Eric Adams and Joe Satriani. Now longing for a cat or dog or raccoon ^^


I chose this photo to draw to examine how the water shows things (behind the water) some blur and faded.

The first thing is that because of the camera’s capturing angle the red guidelines appeared. As you see they are not horizonal lines. I sticked to that in the drawing.

In the first step you should draw the circular shape of the aquarium with a very, very light color in a very delicate way because we hardly see the outline of the glass material. Reflections help us to percept the glass. I scaned and raised the contrast but still didn’t have those light outline I tell about; so I added dashed guidelines on photoshop for you. Be carefull on the bottom of the shape, it has a thicker flat part there connected to the sphere.

In the second step I added some marble balls and stuff. Be careful in here about proportions. They all together has depth like 1 out of 3 of water.


While drawing the outline of fish I didn’t want to use a single pencil like black or grey, instead of this I used pencils according to fish’s background color.

In the step on the right side I drew the plant; but in here realise that the part behind water has lighter tone’s of its color in real. The up part of the plant; over water has darker colors than the below part.


If you are ok with the colors you can use some more to make your drawing more clear. In the last step I also added the surroundings and the reflection of the small aquarium on the table; I added some texture to the table by dotting but thanks my scanner, you can’t see so well like how I see on paper :/ :S

And now, here we are for the last drawing of this post:

pouring water in a glass collection isolated

A glass is being filled with water in 5 steps.

I used an A4 paper for this and drew a rectangle frame to place the glasses.

As proportions I did it like a finger between each glass; 3 fingers for the length and 8 fingers for the hight. More or less sizes are like this.

glass of water3.jpg
Please excuse the bad quality

Draw the mouth parts of the glasses with very light lines because when we will be pouring water we wil give the effect that how it pierces the mouth of the glass.

Add reflection of glass of water on the surface they are located. In this reflection the contours will have darker tone and it will get lighter as it approaches to the middle from both side.

I drew the outline of glass with a light grey pencil. With black I added how the glass has thickness and a round shape (on the thick bottom part).

Excuse the bad quality of light and camera

Let’s start pouring the water step by step. The first glass has the first splash! Water hits to the right corner of the bottom and splashes to left.


This is the steps of second glass. Water comes from middle of the glass this time. We keep filling and we start seeing some bubbles inside.


On the third step water slided pouring from middle to right side, see? So it hit to right side and caused some bubbles down inside there. Those bubbles followed a direction like from right up to down, from right down to left side.

The way you draw is the same for the left ones. At first draw the top surface of water then examine bubbles like if they are so frequent near bottom or hung in the middle or closer to the top of surface; which way we drop water and which direction the bubbles follow.

pouring water in a glass collection isolated
See the top surface of moving water

On these steps add some drops over water on glass as details. And on every drop, around the outline e.g. add some darker tone of navy or black. I used black. That will make a vision like that drop has depth. I have a better way for saying this. I tought it during shower while watching drops. You can think them like boobs without nipples. Down part is bigger. It is like sagging because of gravity.  

Drawing kind of makes a person to percept things better with their shapes and details, their construction, how they work etc. I have never tought that I was going to examine water that detailed. I am so close to say things like “Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless like water… Be water my friend.” (Bruce Lee)

For a better look open the last version of the drawing on a new tab to see better. That photo is taken in the daylight.


As I promised in my previous post we filled the glass with water and fed a fish 😀

Before finishing today I want to tell you that I enjoyed drawing glass, water and all the refractions A LOT. I hope you will enjoy, too.

Keep drawing, keep the progress. Enjoy.

See ya!

Source of the photograps:

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