Foreshortened Perspective

Here we are again with a post which blends previous posts’ topic: perspective and single object.

Foreshortening is a way to look at an object from very top or down view of the chosen object (which is very similar to bird’s and worm’s eye view); or looking from front at it and giving the depht effect with the technique of closer part(s) is bigger in an exaggerated way in the composition, that has harder lines and more details. 

I have a drawing of Jaimie Alexander from a scene of Blindspot as a foreshortened example:

Jaimie Alexander, 09.2016

In here you can see the hand and the lower arm is bigger than the shoulder behind them. Though it is not a very powerful example for the title, yet this is what I have from my old drawings to show you for now.
About this drawing I tried to work without outlines for nose, lips, face shape etc. I tried to give the expression only by shadows and never thought I could use that drawing under this title.

I believe the best way to give example about foreshortening is human figures as drawings. But I am going to wait patiently for human figure tutorials, now we are going step by step.

So, here I am with some everyday objects like spoon, knife and fork (except for those who eat pizza everyday by their hands, e.g. me for a few months, long time ago)


Those hands of mine with spoons are like “Wanna eat more, huh? Eat more!“.
The spoon on the left is like an egg with a stick, made me think of an egg icecream. In this one the circle part is a lot bigger in the drawing and more circular. The part we grasp is thinner and shorter than it is.
The second one is almost from front, but a little bit down, so we see a little thickness on the bottom part.
The third one is from down, so the thickness is much more now. Be aware of the lilac sections.

Realise those lilac sections, you see them thicker from the view you look.
The first one is from top. See the little 4 rectangle surfaces.
The one in the middle is like almost from front, but a little bit down, so we see a little thickness on the bottom part.
The third one is from down, so the depth is thicker.
In the same way examine those knives.

When you move/rotate an object you will see that the sizes you percept will change; like the down surface of a knive’s handle place will be thicker, grasping place will be longer than the cutting part (the 3rd drawing above).
I said I will draw only few more but they are a lot now. Anyway, see how the closer parts are bigger and how the rest is smaller as they are away, whether we are aware of the fact or not; this is the way we percept the real world all the time.

No information of the material is drawn, because there will be another and extensive post about it.
So let’s go on.

The guitar as another example:
First drawing is the outline of the guitar and its approximately proportions. I checked the dimensions over drawing with my little finger and gave the parts ‘X‘es to define sizes 😀 T
he body is smaller than the half of fretboard (or neck) because that part is further away.
Realise that the neck is getting narrowed as it is more away. Then we see the headstock but I cutted of its whole vision at a point.

As second step add strings, frets, fretmarkers, tuning pegs, strap button etc.
The distances between frets will get smaller and smaller as closer to the body.
Keep adding details; headstock will have a harder outline as it is the closest part we see; fill with a flat color inside the fretmarkers and the name of the brand on the headstock, hatch the curves. And:
Done! Here we go, rock it!

I will mention the topic again when it will be time for body tutorial. Can’t wait!

Practice and practice and let me know about your progress.
See you in the next post! *\0/*

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