Some more single objects

Here we are again for single object drawing from simple to complex objects step by step.
Previous post was about single object, too; there I decided to draw a natural object which was a leaf, and in here we will see some artificial materials.

Below is a wine glass from three different views. In here what you should see is that in the first and third ones the bottoms and the tops are ellipses.

The mouth of each glass has double lines to show its thickness. At the bottom ellipse I used singular line at the rear and double line for the front part.

Grab a glass in your home, rotate and examine it. When you finish drawing one, you can draw the same object from different angles-that is suggested.

I haven’t given any information yet about glass effect in drawing; I am planning to write a more extensive post about materials, which is going to be here very soon.

sing ob2.jpg
I want you to realise that the book is drawn as one point perspective.

That is a book in steps. Construction comes the first as I always say, If you start drawing a book from pages as a beginning of your drawing, you may find yourself lost in some mistakes, or anyway let’s say drawing with basic lines of the composition is a lot easier and leads you to better results.

If you are done with the first step here we are for details like pages and shadows in some places of the surfaces. Then streghten some parts of shadows to have some tones.

I really love designs of Australia’s money and passport. Here is 1 of their’s coins.

First you should draw the circle surface. If you remember that drawing circle thing was the very first tutorial in SP.

Add another circle inside (I suggest with a fine tip) for perception of thickness.

You don’t have to draw what I have done above. You can just pick one from your wallet or pocket and draw a very simple version of a portrait (I assume there is a portrait on it). It does not really matter much because in here we try to seperate the swollen parts. You can just draw the outline of the portrait and hatch around it for the effect.

I tought kangaroos will be way more cute than a portrait 😀 but I don’t know what the third one is, looks like a dog more than a kangaroo I think-still an animal, still an animal, it’s OK 😛

I drew a shoe with all of its outline, shoelace and some more basic parts. I’d like to shoe– show you its proportions in two images:
See that 3 rectangles. They all have the same length. So I can say I divided the shoe into three pieces with vertical lines; higher hole(or mouth?) part on the left, shoelace part in the middle, toe part on the right. The proportions are like that more or less.
In here I divided the shoe from middle with an imaginary horizonal line; we see two rectangles. They have the same hight. Examine the sizes before we get to details.

In the same way you can examine your shoe to draw.
In details show sewed parts, soft shadows, maybe texture of the shoelace, worn out or a little bending parts etc.
Streghten the shadows. The places between the shoelaces will be dark probably because they are somewhere inside and won’t have much of the light, surely will be some darker than the rest.
The hole on the left up part gets darker as much as we get closer to the bottom inside, but not dark very suddenly.

That is the way to draw a shoe as a single object: proportions, additionsdetails, shadows,  more shadows… You can prefer to use your own shoe to draw.

0.4 and 0.8 black marker

SP was reading book while walking and suddenly its shoe stuck to a huge thing and stumbled. SP tought it is a rock or something but it was a huge Australian coin!
Meh, It is not a good story at all 😛 If you have better one, comment below and let me see your high potential of composing 😀

Pick an object around you and try to draw. You can draw a leaf, glass, book, banknote, coin, shoe, bed, wardrobe etc, anything for the single object study, but do it from simplier to complexity.

Take your time and practice.
It would be nice if you tell me what you chose to draw.

See you in the next post!


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