All the Single Objects, aall the single objects

So far we have learnt dots, lines, shading, 3 dimensional effect, perspective types and have done well I think. Now we gather those informations; single objects!
Here I want to show you first what I have from 2013 about the topic.

My teacher -I wish I could remember his name today, but it was Erasmus (student exchange programme) and his name was pretty weird to memorize- had told me those objects look like they are hung in space, better we see the surroundings, too. But anyway, I don’t really remember if the topic of my homework was single object or something.

My mirror, 2013
My keychain, 2013

I really like that one. I still have.

Chair, my trousers and their shadows, 2013
Potato, 2013

At this time I was very satisfied with that shoe drawing 😀

When I google ‘single object’ and go through images I see many of them are hung in space, so are my old drawings. Anyway here I come with current ones.

wine-leaf-1720133_1920This is the photo I chose for this topic.
So let’s start!

F sketching pencil

I started with outline. See the proportions of the leaf; is like there is a big main vine in the middle and seperates the leaf into two areas (like Buda and Pest hehe) and the left up side is smaller because of bending.
In the nature there are no rules about shapes and no corners! Since a leaf is not a celebrity (or a factory product), we don’t have to draw it just exactly in the same way, it is pointless, so you can draw something very similar I suggest. 

SPAt that point I will tell you what is important:
According to our chosen leaf there are 5 main big veins. Try to use basic features of an any image, like in this example those 5 veins are bigger at the top of the peduncle, then get thinner and thinner, and seperate into thinner veins; just like the veins in our body. Hmm also like in our lungs.SP
Now draw what’s around those veins. The green area around yellow veins is more triangular in the centre (top of peduncle) and gets (almost) straight as it gets away from the centre.
You see that black arrow above? Of course you do. Now draw the vein higher where I point. I realised that in my drawing a lot later.
Big main veins are yellow’s tones. I am very OK with colors but at this steps I asked myself if I really like felt tip pens. I haven’t in the earlier years.
I started adding other colors but I didn’t stick to the main photo exactly, after sometime if you still have your head and not go mad don’t try to do exactly the same. But anyway if you decided to do, take a photo and send me, it would be wonderful to see what you have achieved ^^
In here what I can tell you is that big main veins are yellow, the area around them is first green, then dark purple. Stains between those (from inside out) ‘yellow-green-purple sections’ are tones of pinks and purples.
Don’t forget to erase your pencil traces. But do it softly after you are sure that the paper is dry.

I had a pen, was written ‘correct’ on; it has worked like a little bit blender, with some kind of liquid inside, I don’t know, it made the paper a bit wet.

Last step for more realistic drawing is putting some texture and shadows. This time I wanted to use some colors, it had been black and white for a very long time. But in the next post I am planning to go on with the same topic and show more for shadows and textures.

Well, so it is done.

leaf drawing with felt pens

And it is better see it with daylight.

For now, you go coloring your leaf!
See you in the next post. Keep in touch!

Source of the leaf photo:

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