A close look to birds’s eye view

We keep going on perspective types’ the last one; with bird’s eye view through skyscrapers.


This is the photo I chose for the topic, I guess it is somewhere in Toronto.

It is an example for one point perspective because all the buildings’ surfaces head down somewhere in the middle of the crossroad; and the rest of the lines are parallel to each other.

Well, the photo looks quite chaotic and it is hard to say where to start from. So I say hit the road man! ^^SPThere are 2 mainroads and they get narrow, just like the way I show with the red arrows.

In the photo it looks like the capturing eye is at the red ‘X‘ point; so the vanishing point slides from middle of the crossroad to a little bit down and is closer to the eye.


This hatching is to show the major masses to show you how simple the drawing is actually with the true basic lines; the rest is details and details.
I ignored pavements, because while trying to seperate them from roads I got too close to the screen of the zoom, I was eye to eye to the shortest line of the photo; the line was still the same but i was squinting too hardly; Twilight is a better love story now, see?

In the first up frame I especially wrote ‘tree’ to save this little green area in my work with grey and its shades. So the first one is about the other buildings near our main ones. The navy lines head to red vanishing point.

In the second frame green lines are parallel to each other, the navy ones as well. This is the rule of one point perspective; while some head to the vanishing point, the rest is parallel to each other in groups.

I draw all the vertical lines in real through the vanishing point. There are many inclinational lines, so it will take your time.

Right click and open it in a new tab to enlarge

Place by place I started to draw lines which are parallel to the bottom and the top lines of their surfaces. You can see them in the drawing like navy ones are parallels and they belong to the same surface; green lines are parallels in their own surface; but the navy and green.

If I’d drawn the road as a flat dark grey, the buildings would have looked more clear I tought, so I ignored what’s on the road. I drew the road with a 4B pencil softly and cautious, in the direction of x axis (from left to right).

In my previous post I told you to add thickness to materials, because everything we see has depth, width and height. Don’t draw materials with a single line. In here, in the sea of deails I added those extra lines to windows until my head got enough 😀 I also turned the lights off on some of the windows (I shaded some glasses is what I try to say). And some more shading to flat roofs.

And yes, it is done (Almost. Is there a saying like “very almost“?)

Take your time, add ‘Guns n Roses-Patience’ in loop while drawing the composition; you are going to need patience surely AND enjoy every single line! YEAH!
Have nice a sketching!

Source of the view from skycraper:

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