A close look to 3 point perspective

If you google three point perspective you will see mostly cubes and skyscrapers, though skyscrapers are good to draw under this title; but at this point I tought I want to draw something different.
Three Point Perspective123-persp2

The logic of the central (conic) perspective type is that surfaces head to a point, two or three. You can see the headings of the surfaces in the example as the red arrows show the vanishing points, in order 1 point perspective, 2 point and 3 point perspective.

In that three point type there are three vanishing points. Each surface head to two different targets. Lines of one of those surfaces get close to a centre, and while approaching there the distance between them get smaller and smaller and finally somewhere -possibly-away they meet. 

Below is the logic of this type, drawn with a cube. Steps in the simplest way:SP

Under the taable!

under-the-tableThis funny and chaotic image I chose for this post. The result is going to be quite interesting. I will mostly focus on the table and carpet.

SPSo here we go with drawing the top surface of the table first. On the left we head the surfaces to the right vanishing points. On the right side we add depth to the top of the table surface. Vertical lines in real now will meet at the vanishing point below.

Right click and open it in the new tab to enlarge

1-Draw the first leg of the table. Like I’ve just mentioned those vertical lines’ drift will be through to the vanishing point below. And of course some details. I drew the legs too fat, you can make them thinner, or you can just draw them as rectangular prisms.

2- Follow the guidelines and in the same way draw other 2 legs, too.

3- Fill in the table! Draw those stuff flat at first. I guess the photograph was captured right after the party has ended and kids were eating their cakes under the table. Draw spoons, forks, cookies, empty plates, used napkins etc.

4-Add some depth to those materials on the table, then some details. Try to study clean, I had some smudged areas, it took some time to delete later.

Right click and open it in the new tab to enlarge


Time for the carpet. Well, I didn’t stick on the photo exactly, I ignored the boxes, the guy wore black on the left etc. I decided on a carpet (in the red rectangle, something similar to the one in the photo) instead of wall to wall carpet (looks like in the photo).

Those ‘x’es are the midpoints both inside the red rectangle and in the drawing. BUT in here, in the drawing midpoint is somewhere away than it should be; because our eyes percept the closer thing bigger; or closer part of an object is bigger than the rest of the object, though those objects have the same size; or just they are just one part like the carpet we draw.

Well, we will have tutorials upcoming about human proportions and its figures and everything, but anyway I wanted to add the kids to the drawing (for more chaotic view 😛 )

So, here is the final look:

3 point 444.jpg3 Point Perspective! WHY so WEIRD!?

Well, because of I use A4 paper (210×297 mm), all the vanishing points are on the paper, and the things I draw are taking a big place of the paper, then we are having strong shape of results, acute angles.

You get the logic 😀 and enjoy different type of drawings! 😛
See you in the next post.
Have nice sketches!

Source of the ‘under the table’ photograph:

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