3 Dimensional Effect

When you are a child, you learn there are three dimensions: height, width and depth. Like a shoebox. Then later you hear there’s a fourth dimension: time. Then some say there can be five, six, seven…
From the movie ‘Paterson’

Years years later I am back to the basics, I wished I still had my technical drawing sheets; oh, I am not even sure if I had them during studies, too.

I try to call these informations back as much as I can remember. Because after some time you don’t really need those guidelines or whatever; drawing becomes naturally through your hands to the paper.

This is a start to 3 dimensional illusion from basics. We can create that effect by lines, shades and textures. In here I explain lines. 


Now let’s draw a cube and a rectangular prism step by step (with 2 techniques).

2 ways of cube and prisma drawing and their shadings

A cube from different sides:



At this point you can imagine an submerged sphere into cheek, there the peak has highlight. Try to see it below:


I draw in here those lines and surfaces parallel to each other, but in real life we don’t see them parallel actually. I am going to show you what I mean with real objects:


Those sides look parallel; well, they are actually, but our eyes see them as the distance between them are getting smaller through vanishing point.


Drawing those edges unparalleled will make your drawing more realistic. Those lines of the edges should meet at a point somewhere away.

Look at your computer’s keyboard right in front of you (I assume you’re on pc). The keyboard is like just this in the example above, like in the table example.

Examine objects around you, especially things like bookshelf, wardrobe, boxes, frames, books, cans etc. and try to draw them.

See you in the next post ^^

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