Pioneer Traveller Adam Driver

Shall we draw Adam Driver ^^ Say “yes!” please because I am going to tell you how to draw from beginning to the end in one drawing. The last drawing from previous post was quite good to examine and is going to be helpful I believe.

Hi everyone! In my previous post I have mentioned about silhouettes; I have told draw the contours of your object(s) and fill inside with a flat color.

And now; travellers, those who envy travellers, home sitters (ugh, that’s me)

If you’re ready

…Here we go for a travel drawing!

How to build the construction of drawing?

PS:I turned the picture into black and white for colored guidelines to be seen.

Drawing the structure first is the most important point. Because if you build your drawing over a bad construction when you finish your drawing you will see many mistakes on it.

This grid is proper for this photo I tought

Use simple lines for construction.
Draw the construction well and place your composition to the middle of the paper (as preference).

See the whole as plain as possible

At first ignore details and use simple lines than drawing all. If you can’t find the right angle of a line or a shape, search for the right line. This technique also will save your time.

Hi there, proportions!

You are going to need proportions for a better look in your drawing. So divide your drawing into elements and compare them between each other.

You are going to be better in setting distances and proportions in a more proper way as much as you practice.

x-y axis and angles

Who had a problem with trigonometry at school? Dear Adam raised his hand? Well, you too? Oh no…

Think of opposite direction of a clock; in that direction we are going to name those four divided pieces as 1st area, 2nd area, 3rd area and 4th area. For example in the circle of hand and wrist there are 2nd and 4th areas. 2nd area looks pretty close to 45 degrees, 4th area is more like 30 degrees to -y.

Another example that the circle on the right down part, see the contours of the vehicle, there we have 2nd area and the angle is pretty acute.

While you are working on your work you don’t have to think of it like area 1-2 whatever. But I had to tell you in this way for you to understand it better. Otherwise I couldn’t have pointed those parts on my screen with my fingers. It’d be pitifull.

I wrote ‘air’ and ‘glass’ to seperate some areas between each other to avoid confusion later

Though I knew some lines were going to disappear still I drew some lines in order to delete later, I drew them just to see if I built the construction well. (don’t spit on your paper while blowing the eraser dust, oh.)

(PS: Has anyone tried brush to get rid of that eraser dust?)


Use guidelines (better use your eyes to avoid too many unwanted lines-but give it time)

1) Here because of the highlight on the cloth and the closeness as tone of the background and shoulders, shoulders are not seen so much. Shoulders, hat and the camera are located between 2 parallel lines. Position those parts in there. Parallel suitcases and ceiling (almost). Did you see the rise on the 2.3 from right to left?

3.13.2) Angles, life savers.

4) Try to catch on the very left side of the blue guideline there is more transparent area, right near his waist. And the rest of the windows, on the way to right, are not parallels to each other.

5) Windscreen wipers are rising from left to right, they are parallel to each other. The one on the left is a little higher.

These are the ones I counted. You can add yours while drawing up to you when you are in need, you will examine and try to see those lines, lowering and rising lines, angles.

Once you got the point of the technique then you will be able to read pictures by yourself.

I decided not to include glass of the vehicle for a more active and readable drawing ^^ also these parts are transparent, so. 


I used 2B pencil for the contours, 4B for shading, 8B all over for a darker look.

To avoid smudging draw from left to right if you’re right handed, from right to left if you’re left handed. There are special cut finger gloves for this purpose.

Speed up to fool your conscious-that speaks too much man! I often feel nervous while preparing drawing for Stretched Paw and I draw slow sooo slow and I make it harder. When I find good music, have a drink beside and feel joy, my pencil flows 😛 But really, I’m having better results when I am faster than my consciuous. Not too fast, not too slow.

Before and after 8B sketch pencil

And the final look:


And here is our Adam in colors:

Adam Douglas Driver

So what do you think? Have you already been using some of those techniques? What is new for you? Comment below, let me know.

I am quite curious, you know 😀

Source of the photograph:

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