Negative Space

An important topic for drawing, photography, web design, graphic design etc. And also the right topic which should be studied right after shades. 

We are going to examine it for drawing in here.

Negative space is the whole area on your work except your object(s). With a well known description the area around and between the objects. In that there is no texture, no shading, no inner details of the object.

Negative space is not shading around the positive space. In here we are not trying to point the object in an effective way; in here we study seeing in a drawing way which is what we need actually.  In that point negative shading helps you.

Let’s go step by step:

  1. Ignore inner details and try to see the contour of the object(s). With caution draw the outline of your object(s).
  2. Now leave the inner place blank and color the rest of the area with a flat color. You don’t have to fill the whole paper, it is enough to make some around the object.
If you want to lose sketchy look keep drawing over and over the same places

The aim in here is to educate your eyes. But still you may want to have a better look. So keep drawing in the negative area more and more until you will lose the sketchy look. Drawing in the same direction (like right-left or up-down) will also be better.

SPWhile I was looking for a simple (to be honest) object (hehe) to draw and I realised that it doesn’t have to be a single object; the composition right in front of me was already good: a table lamp, a book my mobile on it and a mug.

So on the left side how it looks like when I have started and below its done version.


Pick objects and draw their negative spaces. You can start with a simple one (like a mug, chair, table, umbrealla, flat comb), with coloring the area just a little. Then you can skip to more complicated objects if you like (like flowers with lots of leaves, trees) and fill more of the negative space. You can draw a favorite toy or an object from your desk you like.

SPYou can take a look around you and realise some objects, see them in a different way; objects with their surroundings, their positive and negative areas.

On the left side we have a step of a drawing of a mirror and a glass when I finished their contour drawings. Below its done version:


I gathered all the umbrellas at the home I found and created a composition with them.

Umbrellas, 12.2016

Don’t skip this study. It is a quite helping topic; that you are going to experience the change of it by yourself. If you take time of course.

It’d be nice to know what you chose, please write it down what you drew ^^

See ya in the next post!

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