Come on let’s shade again!

Bass guitar in music; shadows in drawing; If you got the point what I mean.

Confession about my previous post: exercises, omg, they are so boring. But they are needed anyway.

Black and white. Some people say white is a color and black is not; and some say vice versa. At the university we have been told they are both not colors. I was very suprised when I had first heard that: How come?
Well, that is a bit long topic. Later we can examine this in the topic of colors.

Shading: effective shadows for more realistic drawings. They bring you to 3rd dimension, show depths of the object and the light reflections on it.

Here are some techniques for shading:

In order: Hatching, crosshatching, squirkling, stippling, a bunch of group of short lines

Shading Examples


SPYes, you guessed right. You should draw them by yourself too. Passing from black to white shouldn’t be very suddenly in this study. Try to go from black to white with steps as small as possible; little by little. 

Before and after cotton swab – HB pencil and 6B graphite stick pencil

The first one is taken by my mobile and I have scanned the second one. I have tried to smooth shades by the help of cotton swabs

Charcoal Powder

With help of a razor I turned charcoal into powder

When you try to do soft drawing with a pencil, it takes really long time and patience and more attention. This is a technique for a faster reach to smooth spaces. 
How to use it: 
Pick up the powder with a cotton stick and blend the powder as how you want on the paper. This is another way to use cotton swabs on your work.


Windows and light with charcoal powder, 12.2016

Here below 2 portraits of my works where you can check shadings on:

Some time in 2015. I haven’t noted the exact date.

You can see the highlights in nose, cheeks, above lips and the shadows in noseholes, around nose, around eyes etc. I am going to tell you more about where to use shadows and where to highlight in the next tutorials of portraits.

Sometime in 2015

Let’s try to guess who they are. Well, (fun time!) the first one was suppossed to be Monica Belluci and the second one is Angelina Jolie. I know, I know. I feel consoled because nowadays my portrait drawings are a lot similar to people who I try to draw, and the old ones are, hmmm. You say below what you think.

All the kidding aside when you practice more and more, time passes and naturally  you become better at the thing that you have been practising. It is just the beginning now.

Can’t wait to meet you in the next post!

Have nice sketches!

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