Exercises, we love them(!)

Can you imagine the first tutorial I have ever studied was fashion figures? In the end of 2014, I tried to dance before crawling.

I have been already drawing but in the end of 2015 I bought a book called ‘The Complete Introduction to Drawing‘ by Barrington Barber, which helped me to gather my knowledge, fill in the blanks and go further.
So the book starts with an exercise suggestion. I did those exercises for only two A4 pages -and I lost them already (what a shame).
I am going to write the instructions for those who are interested in:

Warning: You can try this at home BUT please don’t use any ruler or anything else for the practises.


Try to set the distances the same between each other. Make a pile of dots of a square or circle.

Dots of squares and circles with a 0.7 clutch pencil and a 2.0

2.0 pen is too broad as tip size (fine, medium, broad) so not a smart choice, I didn’t have a fine one.

Here I have something to say about Gestalt Theory.
Gestalt is a psychologic theory abour our brains’ ability to unify whole forms, in the chaotic world of unrelated elements like points, lines and curves the capability to form those elements into a meaningful perception. We see all of them in their individual forms and bind them. All the seperated parts come together and become the whole. Go through internet and you will see how much it is used in design.

Now we are back to dots again.

I don’t feel like in a dotting way, so this is only for you guys.

Here is a thumb up made of dots which saysExercises aren’t that bad, eh?

I had only 2.0 pen unluckily. My suggestion, use a 0.1-0.3-0.5 pen for this.


While drawing lines let’s try to set the distance 3 mm at first trial; then 2 mm on the second. That is going to make your eyes sensitive to milimeters.
In the beginning of the first year of my architectural studies, in technical drawing lessons with colleagues we practised in this way. It makes you realise milimeter differences.


Simple Shapes

Now it is time to make some simple shapes. Draw circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, starts, spiry thing at different sizes.


Give those practises time. When you start something new the thing is hard I know. As Klaus Meine sings “Make it real not fantasy“.
Keep practising, this is what you will hear from every artist/painter.

You can add your own practicing methods different than what you saw above. You can notify me what they can be. It would be great to know.

Have a nice sketching!

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