Equipment for a better drawing

Hi everyone! ^^
Here we are in the second post. I am going to tell you why the variety of equipment is important and what those equipments are.

For a very long time I used only a 2B pencil and a rubber only. I had the feeling of relief when I had bought a 6B pencil first. It was easier the make bigger and darker areas without pressing the pencil, It wasn’t a big effort anymore. Well, for a very long time I went on with a 6H, 2B and a 6B. You don’t use only few pencils to make all; don’t do that. Drawing is a joy. Make a favour, let’s say let’s go and get a gift –a set– for yourself for better quality of drawings. It is going to be a ‘Waow!‘ you will see.

So let’s see what they are, ha?


H and B indicate the degree of hardness. That’s quite interesting to me that in some countries according to manufacturer’s own standarts based on consumer preferences HB is softer and darker than other countries’ HBs.

From 9H to 9B to measure graphite core


There are clutch pencils (which are good for thin lines), colored pencils, charcoal pencils, graphite stick pencils, derwent and col-erase pencils.



Charcoals are useful for fast sketches, scrawling and non detailed drawings.


Frogs with charcoal, March 2016

Felt tip pens


Watercolor (heh, i liked it the title here)

Pan watercolors, tube watercolor, paint brushes, masking fluid (or liquid frisket) to preserve tiny white areas on paper
Water color pencils. Google them; they look awesome.

Pencil sharpeners

There are differences between them according to pencil radius, sharpening angle and more detailed facts. I didn’t know before that even there are electric ones.


Rubber eraser
Gum eraser
Kneaded eraser: Thumbs up for this one, it is quite effective on work, soft like play dough.
Vinyl erasers: They are very tough.
Pencil erasers : Vinyl in pencil shape, good for details

Dry Pastels; ink; blending stumps and tortillons; also sponge and cotton to soften and make tones.

You gotta have your own stuff and try them on papers before practising on your works.

Here below I have my limited stuff so far: “Smile you guys! It is a family pic!

Family photograph

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