Before Starting

I have things to say…
…just like I have things to draw in order to show what I imagine in my mind. That was the main reason that I put drawing on a more serious level in my life and challenge myself to check how far I can go in my fantasy.

Of course, that’s my nature, my character; first times I rushed myself to draw well in an instant, my drawing skill -no suprise- wasn’t good enough.
The more I keep drawing, the more I see the progress. So I can tell you; developing a skill requires time, patience and surely joy. By practice you learn how to see in a ‘drawing way‘. You discipline the connection between your eyes and hands.

For a very long time I did my sketches with considering, of course this way was a lot longer but I am not in a race, I don’t mind losing time on that purpose while exploring things by myself. That also doesn’t mean I don’t do researches; I do to explore more and when I am in need at a point. I think approaching to the subject like this builds me a better vision.

Pals, I wish you nice sketches (Y)
Let’s get started!

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